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Top 6 Hottest Ho Chi Minh Nightclubs

Kasho Club Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City is a city that never sleeps, nightlife in Ho Chi Minh is something that all party lovers should experience, regardless of age, gender or nationality. Although diverse in concepts, Ho Chi Minh nightclubs share the same liveliness and excitement. If you are a true partygoer, you can’t miss out top 6 hottest Ho Chi Minh nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019.

Kasho Club – Cash up your game

When talking about the most luxurious nightclubs in Saigon, Kasho, situated at the heart of Sai Gon, absolutely deserves a spot on the list. Kasho carries a unique posh modern Japan concept and is undoubtedly among the ritzy nightlife hotspots of the city. When visiting Kasho, you are in for a treat with spectacular performances from celebrities, DJs and the best service from 200 professional promoters. Furthermore, as a guest of Kasho, you will get opportunities to receive presents from big brands, namely Louis Vuitton, Chanel, HUBLOT, etc. [See more]

O.R Club – Best HipHop Club

O.R Club is conjoined with SKYXX rooftop bar and is in the center of the city as of many other fancy bars in Ho Chi Minh city. The venue focuses mainly on the Hip hop, Rap, and RnB, thus being the hangout hub of Hip hop lovers in Saigon. O.R Club usually features the most popular artists among Vietnamese Hip hop lovers, such as Sơn Tùng MTP, BigDaddy & Emily, Mr. A, Binz, etc. [See more]

Envy Club – The Art Of Nightlife

Recently ranked 80 of Top 100 Clubs in 2019 by DJMag, Envy has undeniably become a nightlife icon of Asia. In an artistic ambiance decorated with art-decor style, you will get to enjoy a phenomenal EDM party by the hottest DJs in Asia and worldwide, e.g. Bear Grillz, Krewella, Kaaze, Firebeatz, Cash Cash, Romeo Blanco, etc. Another delicacy of Envy is top-notch entertainment, ranging from breathtaking aerial performances to sophisticated choreographies from the most skilled artists. Envy is surely a unique nightclub in Ho Chi Minh city that everyone needs to visit at least once. [See more]

Xing Xing Nightclub – Who made the rule

XingXing Nightclub Ho Chi Minh

Xing Xing is the trendiest clubbing destination among the youths of Sai Gon. Upon entrance, the venue awakens your senses with crystal clear sounds, lingering aroma and beautiful lighting. Xing Xing has a quirky yet captivating music taste, covering the hottest RnB and EDM tracks, bringing you a cozy feel in a sophisticated venue. Sexy choreographies are the cherry on top at this youthful Saigon nightclub. Xing Xing frequently organizes special events that feature famous DJs and singers. If you’re a clubber exploring the busy nightlife in Saigon, Xing Xing might just be the one for you. [See more]

Republic Club- In fun we trust

Republic Club Ho Chi Minh

Every night is a blast at Republic Club with the hottest DJs, namely RAGE, DJ Get Looze & Kodein, MC Chan,… They are all DJs who are masters in Trap, Dance and Top 40 with highly refined music taste and phenomenal mixing skill. We feature the most extravagant music events, lively Hip-hop Trap nights in a dynamic atmosphere. Republic Club has never failed to be the #1 hotspot for party lovers.

If you want to have a wild time in the middle of Bui Vien tourist ward, Republic Club is an excellent candidate as a place to get loose and make memories. The roaring crowd, the music, and the lighting will accommodate your endless party. Every night is a blast at Republic Club with the top DJs: RAGE, DJ Get Looze & Kodein, MC Chan,… They are all DJs who are masters in Trap, Dance and Top 40 with highly refined music taste and phenomenal mixing skill. Republic Club also offers signature drinks made by seasoned bartenders as well as daily promotions from Tuesday to Sunday, ensuring every visit is a brand new experience. [See more].

Atmos Club – Born to Rebel

Atmos Club Ho Chi Minh

Despite being a fresh face among the nightclubs in Sai Gon. Atmos has drawn in a respectable young crowd thanks to its edgy and rebellious ambiance. With their mascot Rapid Bunny, unique neon orange lighting, energetic music, decorative skulls, and giant louvers as inspired by the blockbuster Mad Max, Atmos will bring you an oddly memorable experience. Along with their attentive staff and perfect service, Atmos is presumably a remarkable opponent among the best nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh city. [See more]

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The diversity among Ho Chi Minh nightclubs gives options for all clubbers. Above are the Top 06 Luxury Nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh City for you to try out. Let Vietnam Nightlife help you book your own table, hassle free, right now!

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Top 6 Hottest Ho Chi Minh Nightclubs
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